Zebra Stallion

What a Rare chance to add some stripes to your next foal!

Rarity is my 2004 Grant Zebra Stallion.  Rarity has prefect big bold striping and very correct conformation.  Rarity has a very rare temperament for a zebra stallion and is quiet with a sweet disposition.  These are great qualities to pass onto his foals, making him the prefect stud for hybrid crossing.

Breedings are available for Horses, Ponies, Donkeys ( for hybrid crossing ) and also purebred Zebras.  He has wonderful concentration and motility!  Cooled and frozen semen are available.  Rarity is EVA and CEM negative.

Rarity only stands at stud to a limited amount of mares each year.  Anyone who is interested in breeding both owner and mare must be approved first.  I do NOT let just anyone breed to him.  I want all his foals to end up in the right hands.  Just like purebred zebras, zebra crosses are not for everyone.  They are still half wild animal and have some of those strong wild instincts in them.  The foal will need a patient owner with gentle handling skills.

Cross breeding is super difficult to do, due to the fact not many zebras will cross breed. Especially when it comes to cross breeding to horses as their breeding language is not the same. Almost all breeders just pasture breed as they are not able to handle their adult zebras. Zebra studs can get real aggressive once they start breeding. Our stud is truly one of a kind and has been amazing for breeding. We can pasture, hand or collect with him. He has covered zebras, horses and donkeys, which is super rare!! Most zebras if they cross breed they will generally only bred one or the other, not both! There has also only been a few zebra stallions to ever allow collection. Our stallion Rarity has been super tolerate of this process. Not only does he collect, but he will collect off a breeding dummy. This makes the process a lot easier and safer for our stallion as most horses and donkeys do not care for a zebra trying to breed them. We have been blessed with one incredibly amazing zebra stallion with a temperament that is hard to find in zebras, especially a stallion. This is the reason why we decided to breed with him, to create foals that also have his outstanding temperament. All our mares/jennies that we use for breeding to him have all been carefully chosen. They all have good temperaments and trainable minds. Handled all the time to ensure I will be able to handle the foals at their sides. I do not plan to bottle raise here! **** PLEASE READ THROUGH THE ZEBRA INFORMATION PAGE BEFORE CONTACTING ABOUT BEREDING - Make sure these animals are a right fit for your home. Both zebras and zebra crosses are not the same as owning a horse. Zebras are a wild animal and not domesticated. Which makes them challenging and they need patient owners. I am strict on who I let breed to my stallion, Making sure the owners are knowledgeable enough and full on dedicated. Most Zorses you come across are wild. People think the idea of breeding to a zebra is neat and once they realize the resulting foal will not be like a horse its just thrown out to pasture. These foals take much more time but can be trained to do all the same things a horse can do just takes more patience. Rarity is currently the only zebra stallion that collects and offers Shipped cooled or frozen semen. Do to most horses are scared of zebras I do not offer live cover. ***** I NO LONGER OFFER Rarity to the public due to the difficult nature of these striped animals and the lack of knowledge and dedication on ownership out there on how to properly raise.

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